Before the match between Udinese and Lazio, Lazio’s president Claudio Lotito talked with Sky Sport 24 about the transfer market: “Djordjevic to Inter? The market for players with expiring contracts have specific procedures and we stick to them. We’ll see where the player will go, we can’t do anything to influence the guy’s decision. We can’t have a relationship with the player as long as he is under contract, I don’t know what choices the player has made because we followed the rules strictly. The guy must decide if he wants to come to Serie A and where he goes remains to be seen. We are passive, we can’t be too active.”

On Reja’s decision not to include Hernanes in the starting lineup: “The coach makes his decisions on the basis of his tactical considerations in relation of the opponent standing in front of him. Today, we are missing six players due to injuries or suspensions, so the decision has only been made because of the formation.”