Inter ‘s coach Walter Mazzarri was interviewed by Roberto Scarpini on Inter Channel after the loss against Genoa: “It’s hard to explain a loss after such a performance. I told my players to be more vigilant, you need adrenaline in every situation. From next game on we will be even more vigilant. We must be stronger than misfortune, perhaps practice to finish with more maliciousness. I’m not seeking excuses but the condition of the pitch punished the more technical players, especially Milito and Palacio. Right now we need to find the episode that makes us a winning team again.”

On the schedule and the upcoming matches in the league: “I don’t know what tactics Catania will use but I hope that the guys aren’t demoralized, in fact, I will ask them to be more cynical. I don’t want to comment on the schedule. We must go to every arena in order to win and play our game. You have to look at the individual performance and not be fooled by the result.”

About letting Kovacic come on instead of Guarin when Alvarez was substituted: “So that Mateo could be allowed to grow. After having to exclude him from the starting lineup, to make space for Milito and give more weight to the attack, it seemed right letting him go on. I fielded a quality player who can make a difference even on this pitch.”