Inter’s decline continues and every away game seems to be a copy of the previous one in 2014. After the matches against Lazio and Udinese came today another loss 1-0 outside Milan. All the missed chances by Inter’s strikers aggravated matters further and when the game neared its end the team had to pay for a header by Antonelli, just like Inter previously had to pay when Klose and Maicosuel scored. Now Inter have three (four, if we include the TIM Cup) straight losses away from home and the latest victory came on November 3 last year.

After the match Inter’s coach Walter Mazzarri talked to Sky: “The performance was there, I can’t blame anything. Maybe you need, in those moments when you know it is difficult, to be even more careful and you are forced to be more mean and focused both on chances on corner kicks and in front of the goal, given the many missed chances. It messes up everything for you, it’s that kind of moment, but we must continue to think positive and play our football like we did today. Even Rodrigo failed to score a goal today, which doesn’t happen often. We must find the episode that allows us to become a winning team again.”

“Maybe we’ve lost a few points along the way, I would say that we deserved at least another five points. Now we will think play 18 more games like they are finals and then we sum up. But we must continue to believe in our game, maybe win a match where we deserve less. You can work on everything but it’s hard to correct misses in front of goal. Let’s move on now and try to be more careful on the set plays, more careful in our marking. Today Milito was also there. Incidentally, before we conceded the goal, we played well offensively with both Guarin as well as Kuzmanovic: it’s hard to act more offensive in Italian football.”

How did you receive the latest statements from Thohir?

“We are familiar with this environment. When a team like Inter finds itself in a special historical period, it is difficult to get people to digest it. It’s right what Thohir says, but no one here is happy. I say that this year we build for the next: if everyone stands at the team’s side, we will become a winning team again.”

Was it a penalty when Cofie stopped Milito’s ball with his hand?

“You be the judge, I will not talk about these things. Then we missed five chances to score today so maybe it would have ended like this even without any potential mistakes by the referee.”