A pitch suited for water polo and not football, strikers that are able to make every goalkeeper look like a star, midfielders that seem to have forgotten they are allowed to shoot and defenders that don’t know how to mark on corners. This will be a long season.

Antonelli the former Milan player headed in the winner for Genoa in the 83rd minute after Jonathan forgot that he was supposed to defend during a corner kick. Unfortunately he wasn’t alone in that, Juan Jesus and Fredy Guarín were also spectators. Quite frankly it was embarrassing how easy it was for the Genoa player to head that ball in.

Incredibly enough though the game started well for Inter, Mazzarri had a 3-4-1-2 formation on the pitch with Ricky supporting the strikers Milito and Palacio. And unlike the last games Inter created chances, a lot of them. But both strikers seemed to be under a spell from Perin, they made him look like a world class keeper. As the game progressed in the heavy rain I think many of us were getting worried that all those missed chances would come back to bite Inter in the ass. Which they did.

My cousin jokingly always says, “if we just score one more goal than the opponent then we’ll win”. Simplistic but true, if you don’t capitalize on your chances you will be punished. And Inter this season is being punished hard.

There are so many things going wrong for this team that it is hard to know where to start. But clearly expectations on this team should be higher than this, losing against a poor Genoa side after creating all those chances is mind-blowing.

One question to you readers though. Some seem to be of the opinion that unless you play well and create opportunities a team cannot complain when the referee doesn’t give a clear penalty. Is it okay to ask for it this game for the clear handball in the Genoa penalty area?

Best: Ruben Botta positive impact when came on once again, unafraid and once again close to score a goal but saved by Perin. Hopefully he’ll be getting more minutes on the pitch in the coming games.

Worst: Ricky Alvarez injury, team lost most of it’s ideas when he left the pitch. Offensive maneuvers with him on pitch were very good between him and the strikers. Gave midfield a chance to join as well.

Honorable mention: That pitch and the ref were equally embarrassing.