Inter’s Curva Nord has posted an official statement for the club, the fans, the players, and the coach on their website in response to the Guarin deal that has made the fans go wild. Here is the statement given to you by in English:

The swap that is becoming a reality which involves one of Inter’s most important players, to another Italian club is the droplet that caused the beaker to overflow. It is what makes us leave the state (of mind) where we said we “were waiting curiously”, when we bid farewell to Moratti:

To the management:

“We had questions(READ THE QUESTIONS HERE) for President Moratti (that we are still awaiting answers to, seeing as he doesn’t visit Appiano Gentile that much because of his role) that should make someone reflect on a club that is being managed without any sense of logic.
If you haven’t changed the ways to do things, we at least expected that the same mistakes shouldn’t be repeated and that changes would be done with everyone that has big power in the club.
And that the club, because of obvious reasons should think about how they hire and recruit people with doubtful football passion.
How do you leave a club of Inter’s honor in the hands of an incompetent Juventino like Fassone, and his right hand man Ricci?
As the sir Branca should be fired straight away, so should be countless persons who for years have been taking money from the Moratti family without deserving a cent.
We have had enough of the many, too many, rotten apples inside Inter.
What we ask ourselves is, do we have a president?
We’ve heard that he exists and said the other day that he isn’t superman…
During all of these months of negotiations, what has he seen? Only Moratti’s eyes or has he analyzed the club, with its infinite problems and ass kissers to understand who deserve a place and who doesn’t?
It’s nothing we’d wish for, but you are seconds from going from Superman to Super-loser.
We have already thrown away one year (if not more) because of the “strategies” of this club…
This is becoming the second, is there a third, fourth, and fifth expecting us?
Inter are playing in the Serie A and deserve a management on the level of the Serie A.
For Thohir we suggest he forgets baseball, football, NBA, and other realities that are far from our. He is said to be inspired by their models and their business types for Inter.
It isn’t clear for us what he is doing, what he will do, and what motivates him.
We’d rather see less smiles. We’d rather hear the word “business” less. We want concrete actions.
This is Italy, a country with traditions and culture that is very different from Indonesia and the USA (this is reality, with no offense intended).
Either he is here more, finds a way to be here: Understands, intercepts, looks, and does.
And understands that all we write isn’t bullshit.
Otherwise we warmly invite him to stay at home.
With no half measures.

The coach

We won’t take part in Mazzarri’s choices on the field. The important thing is the professionalism and effort.
We limit ourselves to say only that historically, Inter’s coach always finds himself in a position without grace or defense from anyone.

The team:

We aren’t coaches, directors, former players, and we don’t want to move away from our ONLY role as supporters.
But which part of the strategies of the club includes making an already weak team weaker, to reinforce a rival?
Guarin to Juventus cannot be accepted during this moment.
A young and good player for a worse one?
All of this is leaving us wondering.

After all words from Thohir about rejuvenating the team and so on, the only strategy that is constructive and that we would accept would be this:
Once having arrived at 40 points, we play with 5-6 primavera players from the start every game.


It’s time to be united.
We can no longer have battles between the Curva and other sections. We communicate to all Inter Clubs that we must make ourselves heard.
We are inviting everyone to be present, if you care, with as many people as possible, on the places and most important headquarters to civilly protest against those who for a long time are ruining F.C. Internazionale.

We have had patience, have been calm and we want to stay close to the team.
But we have had enough!!!
During the coming hours there will be news about events that are open to all Interisti.