Inter bandiera Sandro Mazzola was interviewed by and commented on the swap of Guarin – Vučinić.

Isn’t it a mistake by Inter to swap Guarin for Vučinić, partly because there are three years between them in age?

“No, I think it is a fitting swap for Inter. Then three years really is nothing in football.”

However, is it fitting for Inter to strengthen an already strong team like Juventus?

“I think Inter should focus on their transfer market, rather than Juventus’, in terms of what is fitting for a team. Obviously Vučinić is fitting for Inter and therefore I welcome the move.”

Will Vučinić play behind Milito in a 3-5-1-1 formation?

“I think this is the most likely tactical model. It’s the one Mazzarri regularly uses and therefore Vučinić will be placed behind Il Principe.”

Will he form a tridente with Milito and Palacio?

“I think that with regard to the balance on the pitch, it will be very hard to see this with regularity. Maybe in a match in progress, certainly not as a continuous structure.”

How does this swap benefit Inter?

“Inter’s offense, which has problems not least in view of the few goals Icardi and Belfodil have scored, will be more dangerous and will certainly score more goals.”

Meanwhile Guarin is leaving: who will take the Colombian’s place in midfield?

“The point is that Guarin wasn’t playing in the midfield, he had several roles, he varied in the attack, alongside the team’s secunda punta.”