gigi simoni 650

The situation is hectic on Inter’s transfer market. The former Inter coach spoke in an interview about what Inter should do in the coming days regarding, among others, Hernanes:

“I wouldn’t buy Hernanes, he ‘s definitely good, but Inter already have coverage on that position of players with similar qualities like Alvarez and Kovacic. Regarding Milito, he deserves respect for all he has given the club, he has returned from a severe injury and Inter can wait, especially if a new striker arrives.”

If a sale of Ranocchia: “He’s young, he’s Italian and has talent, there’s no sense to do away with him. If Inter want to aim high, they must take this into account and not sell him, but now maybe they’ll use him that way.”

On the change of ownership from Moratti to Thohir: “Moratti suffering like everyone else, he might be thinking of returning. Jokes aside, we must have confidence in Thohir who has promised to fix the budget before investing. I follow Inter all the time and continue to support the club, the fans just have to be patient.”