nicola berti

Gazzetta dello Sport asked three questions to Inter legend Nicola Berti who analyzed Inter’s period of misfortunes.

What do you remember of the season 1994/95?

“It wasn’t an easy year in which we didn’t know where we would end up. Then, when Moratti, who had bought the club from Pellegrini, came in February there was a great enthusiasm. There was a feeling that it would open a new cycle and in the first game with the new owner, we defeated Brescia after a goal by me.”

How was the locker room affected by such events in the club?

“At that time very little, because it was a change of ownership within Italy and the Moratti family already existed in this world. But I realize that the current situation is different. With the arrival of the Indonesian consortium, the club has lost some of its identity, just four years after the Treble, and a change can be much more dramatic.”

What was done in the transfer market at the time?

“Moratti immediately signed Ince, Zanetti, Carbone and others. But even for him, it took time to make his mark. Not to mention the ones that were always present, while Thohir is far away and has not yet chosen his strong man. Anyway, it wasn’t Juve who made the request.”