Inter’s Mauro Icardi was interviewed by the magazine Style. The Argentine is on his way back from injury and doesn’t exclude being selected to the squad against Catania. The last year has been a year of tribulations for Icardi considering all the injuries and all the gossip.

You came to Italy with your Spanish girlfriend Patricia, but this soon changed.

“We made the decision together, we had been together for more than 3 years. At that age all things are good as long as they last. She has returned to the Canaries alone. Then came the rest.”

At age 21, you have already made several transfers.

“I come from Rosario, Messi’s city. As a kid, I came to Spain, where I played with Vecindario. When I was 15 I was bought by Barcelona, ​​three years later Samp and now Inter.”

No doubts when it comes to the national team?

“It’s a question for the heart, I feel South American.”

Is Messi your idol?

“He’s good. My idol is Batistuta, who is well known in Italy. I want to be like him.”

Do you miss Genoa?

“In Barcelona, there’s the ocean and lots of shopping malls . I liked it in Genoa, I only missed the stores. Now I’m in Milan, the best place for shopping, but the ocean isn’t there.”

What are you buying?

“Watches, hats, smartphones and tablets. Social networking? I’ve always liked them, it’s like a drug. My time off is spent walking around the shops and premises and watching movies on television. If I hang out with any teammates? When I came to Milan Zanetti, Cambiasso, Samuel and the other South Americans took me for a walk. Now I walk around with Mateo Kovacic, who is Croatian, we ‘re the same age and we understand each other well. Besides football? Hunting, which I have put to the side in Italy, and underwater fishing.”

How do you invest your money ?

“I just started making money! A home in Gran Canaria, then at the end of the year it’s time for Buenos Aires.”

Anything crazy?

“In Barcelona I bought a used Hummer H2 entirely in gold. It was certainly not going unnoticed.”

What do you think about the Pope?

“It seems as if he’s humble towards people. They understand and are with him. Zanetti has met him and talks about him with enthusiasm.”

Maradona has a questionable attitude, right?

“He’s a great, I don’t judge him. All Argentines have a kind of reverence for him. He is a symbol for the country.”

Have you gotten into fights with any players during your two years in Serie A?

“I’ve taken and given much. There is a central defender in Bologna, I don’t remember the name, who tortured me when I was in Samp.”

You are considered lucky, you have a dog named Lucky…

“The truth is that Patricia brought him with her. I consider myself luck , but I have accompanied it with some nice goals.”

Your dream?

“I’ve already played in big clubs and the national team. I hope to continue without nightmares.”

What don’t you love in Italy?

“Spaniards and Argentines are happier. Joy for me is like grilled meat: the best course in the world.”

Source: fcinternews.it