Preceding the game which took place between Inter and Livorno at the San Siro this season we at SempreInter.com payed our own tribute to an Inter legend who has represented both clubs. Those who know their history will know who we are talking about. None other than the great captain and rock solid central defender Armando Picchi who represented La Grande Inter during the 1960’s. After having written a longer article about Armando Picchi’s career, life and legacy the Inter Club Interisti Svedesi represented by vice-President Siavoush Fallahi and some of the clubs members, gifted Armando Picchi’s son, Leo Picchi a Swedish national team shirt with “6 Picchi” on the back.

The shirt is a replica of those used by the Swedish national team in the world cup 1958, when Armando was playing with Livorno. The gift was given to Leo Picchi to prove that Inter’s history is remembered and known outside of Italy. In times when the media and other clubs are doing their best to attack our clubs history and present, it is important that us Interisti gather and know what our club and our players are standing for and have represented.

Inter has distinguished themselves from other clubs in Italy with their honesty and the history proves it. Great champions as Armando Picchi are and always will be remembered. His memory is living amongst us and his spirit is carried on by his son Leo Picchi. We honor Armando Picchi’s memory by knowing and paying our tribute to his performances for the shirt and the club that we love. Rest in peace, Armando Picchi. Great captain of Inter.

Read the text about Armando Picchi here.

Photo: Inter’s official photograf, Marco De Ponti.