Mister, are you surprised by Catania performance this season?

“Catania have had their problems but we mustn’t think about that. Italian football is strange. We must turn things around. We have to play our football, be measured and clinical. And I hope things go our way during the game.”

Next game is a very important game

“I prefer playing against teams that play an open game. I think we can give the best of ourselves”

What needs to be done to integrate Guarin again?

“After sitting down and discussing things with him, I’ve decided not to involve him tomorrow. We must focus on the game”.

Mazzarri continues on the Guarin track.

“Did I give my ok to Guarin’s departure? If I tell you I never talk about transfers, then that’s always the case.

Was the entry of Guarin against Genoa affected by the situation?

“I’m here today to talk about nothing but Catania. I’d like to read about Catania in the papers tomorrow”.

Was it difficult to isolate the team from this situation this week?

During the week I analysed the Genoa game and showed it back to the players, the only way to come through a situation like this is with attention and focus, by working even more carefully”.

Have you been able to understand the cause of the defensive mistakes? Is that a reason that might cause you to leave at the end of the season?

“The last thing I’m thinking about is the end of the season. I’ve never thought about what could happen in May”.

Without the standard misstakes from the team, two players have been able to reach their level in this period of time, How will Alvarez and Palacio return to their usual levels?

With Palacio and Milito a 3-4-2-1 can switch to a 3-4-1-2 during the game. They’re suited to playing both formations”I thought Rodrigo played well on Sunday, he just couldn’t get the goal. Ricky started the match well tooWhat we’re lacking in this period is the final pass and goals.

Without going into details how important is Thohirs arrival?

President Thohir knows everything. We’re in contact with everyone at the club. There’s unity here”

Icardi is like a acquisition in January? are you happy the the transfer market are coming to an end?

“Icardi?  I’ve not been able to coach him for two weeks running. When he’s played, he’s done well”

Will Botta get more time on the pitch?

“Botta has been looking better and better in training. He’s always grabbed the chance when I’ve played him. He’s reliable”

This week have Curva Nord dedicated a message to you for your good work and on the contrary criticized the clubs recent developments, What do you expect from the fans?

Our fans are smart. They understand things and they love Inter.  The main thing is they get behind us during the match We just need to be a little bit patient and come through this season as best we can.

Source: fcinternews.it