After today’s draw at the San Siro against Catania a disappointed Jonathan spoke to Inter Channel moments after the match was concluded.

“If you ask me I think we’re lacking some luck because we continue to try to score, we’re trying to get the ball forward but sometimes the opponents are too good and we make mistakes. Right now we’re going through a tough period, we just have to continue to fight until we sooner or later get ourselves out of this. In teh beginning of the season we played really well on the wings and now the opponents know this so they come prepared to limit us. We have to think about the next match because I think we played well, we need the support of our fans, we will come out of this soon.”

“We weren’t able to put the ball in the back of the net, that’s all we’re missing, when we are able to rediscover the goals again I’m sure we’ll be able to unlock ourselves out of this situation, I’m convinced of this. Teams that defend deep and tight will force to open up after they concede and then the match changes.”

“The league table? We know that behind us they’re putting pressure on us but we’re working, the coach will mend some details, sometimes it isn’t easy to break through the wall that the opponents have built up but we are Inter and we have to look forward with confidence and without pressure and continue to be united” Jonathan concludes.