Last night, Juventus CEO Beppe Marotta commented on this week’s events and explained his harsh words directed at Inter:

“I want to point out I intervened out of a respect for the truth. I always said we would only sell a player if he asked to be sold. Inter made a request,Vučinić had agreed terms, but he is now back in our squad and to all intents and purposes a Juventus player. We’ll see in future. Another player than Guarin? It was an opportunity that was proposed to us in January, a transfer market that is made up of opportunities. We’re well aware that we don’t really need to ‘fix’ any issues in the current squad. It was only an opportunity that we seized.”

Marotta also responded to Thohir’s statement:

“Our stance was legitimate, it was an explicit response to a statement issued and related to a private activity. The situation is clarified with Vučinić, he is to all effects a player that is part of the team. Will Inter come back for Vučinić? I don’t know, but he’s back training with us and they will have to begin with a new dynamic.”