The former Inter player and legend Walter Zenga talked to Radio Sportiva about Inter’s difficulties:

“Yesterdays game was really bad and the protests from the supporters are understandable. The problems are many and without the money it is very hard to do something. The older players have reached their top and the Icardi’s, the youngsters aren’t mature enough. The fall in the last rounds? The only one who can answer is Mazzarri, for me it seems like it depends on the fact that the older players can’t keep the rythm up and that the youngsters don’t have enough personality to take their place in the team.

And if you go make a swap between Vucinic and Guarin it’s like committing suicide, but this is where Thohir comes into the picture. He should’ve said loud and clear that Inter would have two years of transition. He should be more clear and bring people into Inter that wants the best for the club, for example Milan in the same situation brought Seedorf in. Juventus in their crisis brought Conte and Nedved who have Juve in their blood in, we have a Fassone who comes from Juventus and who has created an embarassing situation. Branca has no responsibilities because he has no money to spend.

Me to Inter? Right now Mazzarri has all the possibilities to take care of the group if he doesn’t find excuses. He needs to start over and focus on the youngsters, which no one will have a problem with. I haven’t talked to any directors if not with Moratti, the way to go is to hold on for a year and to focus on the youngsters. The Interisti needs a plan because five days of mercato isn’t enough to solve anything.”