Dortmund asked about Mateo Kovacic? Calciomercato.com got an exclusive interview with the player’s agent Nikki Vuksan who immediately cleared up the rumors.

Mr Vuksan the last time we spoke you assured us that the future for Kovacic would be with the nerazzurri, and the player himself has repeatedly said the same thing. But now with the imminent arrival of Hernanes the situation could be different, for example there is talk of an interest shown by Borussia Dortmund. Is it so?

“These are things you should ask Inter.”

Does this mean that you personally have not been contacted by the German club?

“No comment”

But where does the player stand in all this?

“He is happy in Milan; he likes the city very much and is proud to be at such a prestigious club as Inter.”

Even though he doesn’t play a lot?

“It is not a problem. There is a coach that decides, and it is as it should be.”

And the relationship with the coach is still good?

“It is excellent.”

But the arrival of Hernanes could complicate things further for your player..

“If a young player wants to make an impact in a big club he needs to be ready to compete with anyone. For me the arrival of Hernanes only means a great signing by Inter which confirms the importance of the project.”

A project in which Kovacic is still a part..

“This is what they told me the last time we met. In any case I want to clarify that Mateo and Hernanes only have one thing in common, that is they are both midfielders. For the rest I don’t see any similarities.

So eventually they could play together..

“If I were a coach I’d gladly play them together.”

Lastly, what do you think could happen these last days of the transfer window?

“Regarding Mateo, nothing I think.

source: fcinternews