Piero Ausilio

Sports director Piero Ausilio spoke to Sky Sport24 after Hernanes presentation, explaining the evolution of the deal that brought the Prophet to Inter;

“It is normal that when it regards an important player these are things that take time. The interest for this player is there since a long time, it is not the first time that Hernanes is close to Inter. Then unfortunately due to unforeseen changes in the regulations the possibility to sign him was taken from us. We’ve worked hard; there was the will from Inter, from president Thohir and the will of Hernanes as well to come join Inter. When these parts are present things easily go in the right way.”

Regarding the future and if the outgoing operations for players with expiring contracts have already begun;

“We know exactly which the expiring ones are. We need to work and the meetings with the agents of the players’ in question are constant. The only thing that matters now though is doing well on the pitch.”

Lastly about Chivu; “We are in contact with the player every day. We are waiting for this last operation that he needs to have and then we’ll decide together without haste.”

Source: fcinternews