At the fringe of the Hernanes presentation, team manager Ivan Cordoba embraced the newly arrived player like this;

“What could he give for our cause? Very much, all of that which we have already seen at Lazio. Even more at a team like ours, I think he’ll be very motivated.  Inter adopted a very important strategy to be able to sign him. His decision was important too, it means that he has a lot of will to do well here.”

The Champions League dream for the fans?

“They know about the moment the team is passing through. But fans shouldn’t be misled. We are aiming to finish as high as possible and there is no need to make any promises. The only thing we can promise is the work that the mister and his staff are proceeding with to be able to compete in Europe. Our team is born to do this and we should try it every year. But there are years like this one where there is a transition and changes. It is important to take into consideration but the fans know about it.”

Source: fcinternews