hernanes mazzarri

Inter’s latest signing, Hernanes, was presented to the fans and the media in The Pirelli Flagship Store in central Milano. Below you can read the entire presentation in English, exclusively on SempreInter.com.

This is one of the most important days of your career…

“It’s true, I’m very happy to be a part of this club. It’s a fantastic feeling, I would like that many of the people who have helped through the years to also have been here. But they are happy for me even if they are far away.”

Would you like to clarify what happened between Inter and Lazio?

“I have already spoken about it many times but that’s nowhere near enough: from the moment when I heard that Inter wanted me I was inclined to accept because it would be a very important step in my career, a unique opportunity for me. They made me feel very important from the beginning and immediately I was satisfied in this interest that they showed in me and I wanted the negotiations to be successfully concluded. It’s a pleasure that a team like Inter wants you, it’s a shirt that carries a lot of weight in both Italian and international football. I was very proud of myself, but I expect everyone to do well.”

There are a lot of expectations now. Especially during a difficult year…

“Yes but I’m convinced that we will do well. I have seen an enormous amount of quality in this group, I’m happy with this choice. Here, there is also a great coach, a coach who weighed in a lot in this decision: with Mazzarri I can grow a lot as a player. We have every possibility to do well and to reach those high levels that Inter have always been at. I’m ready to play my football, to do what I know I can do. This is an excellent time in my career and my life: for three years I’ve watched Inter from the outside, now I want to win and I think that my team-mates and the coach still have a enormous will to win.”

What is your favorite position on the pitch?

“Mezz’ala to the right or the left, but with the National team I play dead centre and with Lazio as a trequartista, but I prefer to play as a mezz’ala because then I can help the defense as well as come to finishing positions.”

Have you had a chance to speak with Mazzarri about this?

“Yesm and I’ve told him that’s my favorite position on the pitch. But when I was 14 I played as a leftsided full-back…..I like it in midfield, it’s up to what the coach needs. If he wants players who play deeper to prevent the opposition from building up play then that’s fine by me.”

Almost 3 years ago you were close to signing for Inter. Has this affected your decision to be here today?

“I don’t remember this, in Brazil I had 10,000 agents and one of them got me to sign a proposal from Inter. Then I don’t know what happened. I remember that I could have been a part of the Inter that won everything.”

Are you happy in this environment? And are you ready, some 3 and a half years later be the person who carries this Inter forward?

“Yes, I feel that I like it here and I thank everyone for their warm welcome. I already feel at home, even at Pinetina I have been received well. Of course I’m ready, I’m 28 years old and in my life I’ve always achieved my goals, it might have taken me longer time but I’ve always done what I’ve wanted to do. I believe that God controls everything, and I feel ready for this challenge from every aspect. When I first arrived here though, I massacred the Italian language…”

What happened outside of Lazio’s training ground? Do you think about Lazio?

“I was very happy in Rome, there were a lot fo speculations abour offers but no-one wanted me the way they wanted me when they brought me here and for this I want to thank the team. But Inter really wanted me and I’m greatful for this chance and the confidense they have shown in me.”

Did you see the match against Juventus? What do you think you can contribute to solev Inter’s problems?

“I saw two positive things: the quality fo the group as well as the fact that everyone in Juventus helped in defense when Inter had the ball. This is a sign of respect for the opponent and this was enough for me to becoem even more enthusiastic.”

What do you think that you can help to set right?

“I have an enormous will and desire to win, together we can achieve results. That’s what counts in football, I think I can achieve results through my determination.”

You are here at Inter to win. But what’s missing at Inter in order to compete with Juventus?

“The quality is already there and that’s the most important thing, despite the difficult moment we’re going through there are a lot of great players here as well as a great coach. We can challenge anyone, it just takes some time.”

Will be be moved on Sunday when you enter the San Siro?

“I’m pretty sure that this will be the case, the first time I saw the stadium I was impressed by its beauty, it’s a magical stadium. But we players have learned to deal with these situations, let’s hope it starts well.”

Are you effected by the fact that you were the most expenceive transfer during this window?

“I have a responsibility and I know how to evaluate things. I know that it’s a great investment, but if you decide to spend that much it’s because they have a lot of faith in me, I think only about what I have to do. What’s brought me here and I will continue on this path. I train all the time, I will try to learn all the time because this is how I have developed, I have never believd that I’m finished but I think that I can grow soem more.”

You’re training with a lot of young players now, can you name who has impressed you the most and what advice you can offer?

“I can’t say one name ahead of another but I already knew about the quality that is found here. I can only say that when you see this up close it becomes even clearer.”

Ausilio, how happy are you to be able to present a ‘Top Player’?

“History speaks volumes regarding the desire to bring Hernanes here. It tool a little bit longer than expected but we finally did it, it was a tough negotiation also because of the environment surrounding what happend in Rome. He’s a player that will lend Inter a hand, he will stimulate the champions that are already hear as well as the young players we have. During the past 15 years we have won more than anyone else, we haven’t suddenly turned into a club that doesn’t know how to build anymore. Now, let’s start over, new players have arrived, what’s needed is to show confidense. We have a desire to build a string Inter, in time this will happen.”

Hernanes, what do you like the most about Inter and the clubs history?

“I like the fact that the club is the only club that has never played in Serie B as this means that this is a serious club who knows how to achieve results. Then the club has also always distanced itself from scandals and this is something I like. I want to live in peace, do the right things and to be in this club only enhances those feelings.”

How do you feel being presented as a star?

“It’s a wondeful moment, I remember being a small kid and taking the bus to training. Already then I had an idea about where I wanted to go, one day I went into a church and the preacher asked me to write down my dream on a piece of paper. I was 16 then, and from then on I’ve focused on football and to be here is a dream that becomes more and more real, there are no words that can express how happy I am.”

With regards to the upcomign World Cup, do you think this move could give you more space? Have you spoken to Scolari?

“I haven’t yet spoken with Scolari but I think that this gives me even more credibility. I am in Inter now, the level has been raised a notch and I think this is important.”

In Rome you said that you’d score goals to win the derby? Do you feel like making this promise also in Milano?

“That was something the fans asked me, I didn’t quite say that. I don’t want to make promises, even if I’m the Prophet I don’t want to do this, only thing is that I want to work hard to reach results, like I have always done. As a consequence of this all the other big events will come too. We have to work and we have to sweat.”

Is there anyone in Inter’s history who inspires you?

“Ronaldo, one of the greatest in history. But also Recoba, I like left-footed players and he did great things here.”

Can you say a few words in Portuguese regarding your emotions about leaving Lazio and joining Inter as well as briefly mention your goals?

“It’s a very important time in my life and my career, after 3 and a half years in a great club like Lazio, where I performed well, but now Inter is here who gave me a very important opportunity, giving me a chance to grow. There were many clubs who really wanted me, but I’m happy to be here, it’s a great step in my career. Thank you Lazio and Inter for believing in my work and in me as a person.”