Extensive interview with D’Ambrosio: “I’m the one who wanted Inter more than Milan”

May 1, 2014 17:15
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D’Ambrosio, 25, from Caivano, was the first signing on the transfer market under Thohir’s management market. Is this label weighing you down?
“Many people have told me that, but in reality I didn’t feel like the first purchase of a new era. The important thing was to come to a famed and important club like Inter.”

The first purchase by Moratti was Zanetti…
“I hope to do half as much as the captain did. To do so would be a career well over my goals.”

How does it affect you that he will retire?
“There is talk of it, but I don’t think that he could retire in twenty days. Maybe he will, but the way he looks he could play another ten years.”

In Turin you had a “steady position”, which you abandoned in mid-season to start over at Inter. But who told you to do it?
“It was a difficult choice but I wanted to make an improvement in quality in an important team. I wanted to put myself in discussion to see where I can go.”

Thanks to who did you come to Inter?
“Certainly I’m grateful to my teammates, but also Ventura. With his teachings, I have felt less impact with a great team like Inter. He gave me confidence, taught me so many things tactically which used to put me in trouble. With him I improved both tactically and as a person, even to believe in my potential, in what I can do and what I can try to more and more each day.”

How different is the way you play the game from Ventura to Mazzarri?
“The objectives of the team has changed. Earlier this year, at Toro they were asking us to avoid relegation. At Inter the objectives were different. If you played a draw at home to Bologna it’s a fine point, if Inter draw with Bologna it’s almost like a defeat.”

So tactically how has it changed?
“What has changed is that Inter’s way of playing must be more offensive, the aim is always to win every game while Torino are more cautious.”

For a winger, Mazzarri’s way of playing is tiring. Would it be reasonable to expect to see the real D’Ambrosio only in the next season?
“It takes time to get into the schemes of the coach. The past is also telling, in the long run everyone came out and had a great championship, at the beginning it is normal that the wingers can get a little tired. Also because of D’Ambrosio at Inter the same things aren’t asked as of D’Ambrosio at Torino.”

Are you better to the right or to the left?
“For me it’s the same, lately I have been used on the right but that doesn’t change much. The same way a defense of 3 or 4 changes little. The ideas count more than the formation.”

What have you improved in the past six months?
“If you want to emerge at Inter it takes great personality, it takes broader shoulders.”

Bonera said: “Mazzarri is the secret of Inter.” Do you agree?
“I would say yes, the team reflects the coach. If the coach has never been fired and has done well with all teams there must surely be a reason.”

What’s missing from Inter to fight for the Scudetto?
“You have to plan, next year there will be new purchases, it is a period of transition. The fruits will come over the years.”

You have been in contact with Immobile and Cerci. Will you give advice to your friends about the market?
“They are old enough to decide for themselves, I don’t want to influence anyone.”

You have experienced the Turin derby, now you’re about to experience the one in Milan. Differences?
“Completely different. There is a lot of distance between Torino and Juventus, while Inter and Milan are closer. The Milan derby is not only talked about in Italy but also in Europe and in the world, so it is normal to feel it more.”

Which Rossoneri are you worried about?
“They are a team full of good players, a good team, but we are Inter and we can’t fear anyone, especially not Milan.”

Were you close to AC Milan in January?
“Maybe not enough, since I arrived at Inter. But I’m the one who wanted Inter more than Milan.”

At dinner with Galliani or Cairo?
“With Thohir.”

With who will you exchange the shirt on Sunday?
“Nobody I think, in the derby I’ll keep my shirt.”

Your idol when you were young?
“When I was little, because I’m from Naples and playing as an attacking midfielder, it could only be Maradona. Then I grew up and I was playing further back, and then it was Maicon.”

What do you think of the disqualification of the curve for racist chanting?
“San Siro without its curve is surreal. In these large places it’s normal for the support of your fans to be something else, we’re sorry not to be able to have them by our side.”

You have a twin brother, do you hope to see him in Serie A as well soon?
“Of course. I take this opportunity to wish him luck because he has operated his malleolus. Last Sunday I was at the stadium to watch the game, many people were worried because they have seen him on crutches and thought it was me.”

In 2005, you could have left for Chelsea but instead you chose Fiorentina. Do you sometimes think about the fact that you could have been in London coached by Mourinho?
“It’s been too long, I was 17 years old. But I think I did the right thing.”

You made a special initiative on Twitter.
“It was born spontaneously. I’m not going to say in the newspapers or on social networks what I do all the time. But I have wanted to open an account for a long time and I wanted to do it differently from the others. I thought about this initiative so that people can make an important gesture for those in need.”

Assuming that the World Cup is now gone, is the European Championship in 2016 more of a dream or a goal?
“Both. I don’t work every day with the anxiety of having to get to that goal. I always try to think from game to game. Before I make it difficult for Prandelli I must make it difficult for Mazzarri.”

Returning to the derby, with Torino you have already scored against AC Milan. A repeat wouldn’t hurt…
“I’m training well, but regardless of my performance or my goals it is important to win the derby, nothing else.”

Would it be better to lose in the derby and reache the fifth place or winning and reaching sixth place?
“I prefer a third way, the answer is simple: win and get fifth place.”

Source: fcinternews.it

By Olof Svensson