Walter Mazzarri to Inter Channel: “I won’t sleep tonight”

Walter Mazzarri to Inter Channel: “I won’t sleep tonight”
May 5, 2014 00:54
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Walter Mazzarri stopped by Inter Channel to speak with Roberto Scarpini after the heavy defeat against Milan at the San Siro.

“I’m very sorry to have lost today, especially for the fans. We didn’t play how we usually play and tomorrow I’ll speak with the boys. The nervous aspects counted, instead of turning this into something positive we did the exact opposite. We should quickly forget about this poor derby and hope to change our course immediately starting with the match against Lazio.”

“The league table? It all depends on us, I want to see a reaction after this awful match. I repeat, against Lazio I hope to see a different team that is able to play in a way that we didn’t see them play today. This debry was bitter. In terms of preparation for the match, after the match I always put myself under scrutiny. The team however, was the one that played aganst Napoli.”

“In terms of choices I could have talked more with whoever knew this particular match, a fixture which is of high intensity and pressure which needs to be approached in the correct way. If you lack this, then the match can end up going poorly, the rest you don’t know. The lads were sad after the match, tomorrow we’ll still be a bit bothered and I think that some people won’t sleep tonight, myself included. Lazio? We can’t make any mistakes in order to win” Mazzarri concluded.

By Nima Tavallaey Roodsari


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