Saturday night show at the Meazza for Inter v Lazio

Saturday night show at the Meazza for Inter v Lazio
May 8, 2014 22:08
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A Saturday night show awaits Nerazzurri fans who attend the Nerazzurri’s league game with Lazio at the Stadio Meazza. The matchday event will be far more than just the football: a range of entertainment initiatives will be on offer, with plenty of surprises in store for stadium-goers.

A team of professionals will be on hand to delight fans both inside and outside the stadium. Make-up artists, magicians, welcome girls and much more: for the benefit of anyone who wants to take part, from the youngest fans to older ones who just fancy something a bit different from usual.

There are plenty of new activities lined up inside the Meazza too. Giant screens, music and a number of special features aimed at getting everyone involved before our heroes take to the pitch, like the two cameramen who will roam the stands sending images of the crowd to the giant screens.

A special evening for anyone who wants to experience our black and blue faith in a novel way!


By Editorial Staff


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