Mazzarri: Press conference before Inter vs. Lazio

Mazzarri: Press conference before Inter vs. Lazio
May 9, 2014 17:26
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Walter Mazzarri was in front of the microphones before the game vs. Lazio tomorrow and spoke about the game against Milan, Javier Zanetti’s final game and his approach against Lazio.


Tomorrow will be a special evening for Zanetti. How did you manage to keep him and the team focused?
“He did it himself, as he is a great leader. Tomorrow I hope there is positivity throughout the stadium, because it is going to be a big party. I hope that this will act as a stimulus and act as fuel for the squad to overcome the obstacles in our way and turn things around this week”



Is it hard to put Zanetti in the lineup?
“You will see tomorrow … He knows why I make the choices that I do. I have a human relationship with him and I always have to think of the most logical choices to beat the opponent. Tomorrow will be the same and he knows it.”


In recent months, the team has struggled at home.
“This game was the wrong one with AC Milan, before we had got two away wins and a draw against Napoli. It irritates us have been defeated in the derby, I am responsible. Hopefully tomorrow can perform differently. “



Why did the team not have any character in the derby?
“We were not without character, and we did not express ourselves the way we wanted.  We all wanted more from this game; it was an important game but the wrong performance. Give us encouragement to make a charge in the last two games, to show that the derby was a hiccup. “


Would missing out on Europe be a failure?
“This is something you can only decide at the end of the year, it is needless to repeat myself: The first objective is to put out the team the best for tomorrow.”



Has some of the criticism of you been excessive?
“If I think I have the made an incorrect decision I look at myself only. I learn from mistakes made. Every coach looks to himself when he does not win the games. I accuse myself alone when I do not win.



Do I feel penalized?
“I feel calm; I have given my best for the club. The time you spend to make the most of my players is everything, and then sometimes something goes wrong. But I’m calm.”



Do you regret that you have not been able to give an identity to the team with continuity?
“The assessments can be done to end the season. At the end of the year it will be possible to point out many things that were not possible during the year. “



How did you receive the protest of the fans post-derby?
“The fans are always right, they can do whatever they want because they live in the emotions of the moment. I accept this. If they want to have these special moments it is part of my job to be a lightning rod “.



Would you play Zanetti due to the attitude of some in the derby?
“You’ll see tomorrow, I will not say anything else”


Next year do we need to work on the mentality of the players or look to the market for players to fit new formation?
“Now it’s too early to say certain things, if I remain I will take a look at how the team is organized. Their mentality is something we always will work on but it takes a long time to change. I have to organize the team while thinking about what the team already has and needs. A new formation? We already have. 4-3-3 formation which is similar to the 3-5-2 formation, many times we played with two midfielders and a playmaker so there is some flexibility already. “



Have you heard Thohir? How did you find him?
“That is personal”.



Ausilio argues that Inter will keep Mazzarri regardless of the outcome of the championship. How do you feel?
‘I believe that a club looks at the job differently. They know how to work with a technician, such as organizing the week, and it goes beyond the emotion of the moment. I consider myself to be the representative of the fans, when things go wrong I am the first to be upset about it. But I have to be a professional and separate logic and feelings, and those who evaluate the coach must do so as well. “



Has the last day of school climate influenced even the youngest of the players?
“In the history of modern football, how many teams spend a year with 8 ending contracts? If I had anything to say it would be used against me, better not to talk.”



Could Hernanes do something more? How do you see the player in training?
“The player is not evaluated alone; you have to evaluate using objective parameters. He was not well, when we got him we weighed the fact that it was a purchase made especially for the new year, but he has done well enough to be summoned to the Brazil squad. I’ve deployed in a role where he is happy, for me it was a positive signing. “



What are your feelings for this historic match and the farewell of Zanetti?
“Zanetti is a piece of history of Inter; it is upsetting to think of not seeing him more in the field. Already 10 years ago, Zanetti was the emblem of Inter; when he goes away a major chunk of the football history goes too. But he is not only respected by the Inter fans, I think it’s the world who respects him. “



Do you think that tomorrow is the most important game of the season?
‘I’ve never looked at the standings; I tried to give continuity by planning to win them all. This season things had not come as I wanted, and I will reflect on this. In the start we had significant results, but we are plunged back into a difficult period.  Together with the club we are evaluating the reasons for this. As you move towards the end there is less chance for revenge and the games count for more.”



Will we see Guarin tomorrow?
“I still have doubts, but I think the team that played against AC Milan is the one that was doing well and deserves a round of redemption after that match. Apart from this incident course there was a streak of positive results. “



Can this pressure be transformed into positive energy?
“I hope so; this is one of the topics we discuss.”



Returning to the words of Ausilio, he recalled the first season of Mancini. He considers it an encouragement for the future or are these different times?
“I have a personal relationship with Ausilio and we speak every day. He is aware of my managerial skills and values my work. I know what they think at Inter: they tell me in the face and then they speak to the press.”


By Joseph Postorino


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