Mazzarri to Sky: “I’m tired”

Mazzarri to Sky: “I’m tired”
May 11, 2014 01:16
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Inter’s coach Walter Mazzarri spoke to Sky after the game today, here’s what he had to say: “I am happy with the way we dealt with this season, but we must wait before giving a definitive judgment until the last game. Kovacic? He is growing and needs to improve in many areas, but you can see him maturing game by game. He’s becoming more decisive and we knew it would be a growth process with him.”

“This is a tricky year for me, I had to really struggle and I’m a little tired. There is this final push and I used up a lot of energy, as we had so much to do. Let’s wait for the final game, then I will explain exactly how I feel. Clearly we should’ve informed people better of what kind of year this is. We tried, but nobody listened to us. Some of the difficulties were not helped by the media.”

The Coach implied he was not entirely happy with the squad this season. “We have a clear project in mind. One of the difficulties this season was we did all we could in the circumstances, dealing with the squad at my disposal. I will tell the club my ideas and then we can plan for next season. I hear people say we play only on the counter-attack, but that’s not true. They should see teams who really do play that way. We need players who can win the ball back quickly and pressure the opposition. If you don’t have those characteristics, then you have to go deeper and pour forward at pace. It isn’t really my style of football, but there’s a big difference between saying something and doing it.”


By Elmar Turial


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