Dejan Stankovic launches appeal to help Serbia flood victims

Dejan Stankovic launches appeal to help Serbia flood victims
May 20, 2014 04:25
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Dejan Stankovic has launched an appeal to all Inter fans for their help in easing the crisis currently sweeping the Balkans following severe flooding in the last few days.

Speaking on the phone during Inter Channel’s ‘Radio Appiano’ programme, the former Nerazzurri midfielder explained: “A terrible thing has happened, it’s a catastrophe. There’s a huge problem in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia and they need all the help they can get. We’ve managed to set up a foundation in record time so that we can lend a hand to those in need. And they need immediate help. I’ve called everyone I know and even people I didn’t know and I’d like to thank them all because they’ve been really generous again.

“I’m making this appeal because every little bit can help these people who have been left without a roof over their heads and lost everything they’ve spent their lives building. There really are so many people in that situation. We’ve set up the “Dejan Stanković za Srbiju” Foundation and donations are coming in from lots of former team-mates, presidents and people from other sports such as basketball, water polo and volleyball. But I’m asking everyone to contribute because so much help is needed.

“We’re waiting for the water to subside. With so many towns flooded it looks like something out of a film. The real problem will be when the water recedes, with everything that will be left behind afterwards and the risk of diseases and infections. The big problem will come after that.

“I’ll keep raising funds through this foundation to send straight to Serbia. Vanja Udovičić, the Serbian minister for sport and a former water polo player, has been a massive help in getting the foundation set up with the Serbian government and CONI. Lots of people have chipped in already.

“Thanks to all of you, thanks to my Nerazzurri family.”

Here are the foundation’s bank details:

City, country: Frankfurt/Mainz, Germany

Bank name: EUROBANK AD
Address: Vuka Karadzica 10
City, country: Belgrade, Serbia

IBAN: RS35250101000009597080
NAME: Fondacija Dejan Stankovic za Srbiju / Fondazione Dejan Stankovic per la Serbia
ADDRESS: Resavska 49/17
CITY, COUNTRY: Belgrade, Serbia


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