Thohir: “Kovacic will be the future star of Inter”

Thohir: “Kovacic will be the future star of Inter”
June 9, 2014 18:10
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After weeks of silence, Inter’s president Erick Thohir is talking again, at a press conference in Jakarta. Here are his words reported by the website “We are in transition, we have to buy but be careful. Regardless, we already have 11 players that we consider starting players like Handanovic, Juan Jesus, Vidic, Hernanes, Kovacic, Palacio and Icardi, which will be the backbone of the team. We will act with intelligence and care – continues Thohir – but no matter who, players will be added to the team. We’ll go forward with calm, we are balancing the team not only in terms of age of the players, but also in terms of positions. In some positions we are weak, in others there is redundancy. We have an average age of 26.5 years, we need to find the right balance both tactically and from this point of view. There are other opportunities to add players to the team but I don’t want to give names nor give clues to the origin or any signings because it would not do good for Inter. The World Cup? There will be many players in Asia and Eastern Europe, but also South America. We’ll try to monitor them. There will also be Kovacic – concludes Thohir – not yet 20 years old and he will be the future star of Inter.”


By Olof Svensson


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