Mudingayi: “The experience at Inter was short but intense, I thank Moratti and Stramaccioni”

Mudingayi: “The experience at Inter was short but intense, I thank Moratti and Stramaccioni”
June 10, 2014 09:47
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Gaby how are you doing and where are you?
“Very well. I’m still in Italy: I have my family here, my kids are Italian.”

Your experience at Inter has ended: let’s sum it up.
“The two-years at Inter were very positive. Playing for Inter is the dream of every player and I managed to do that after a long career, consisting of important places and experiences.”

Last year you had more luck.
“It was a different project, the focus was on young people and there was also the Europa League, which gave the coach a chance to rotate a lot of players.”

What rating would you give last year?
“Positive: I played, I played good games, both against my former team of Bologna and against Sampdoria. I saw then that there was so much confidence around me and I felt very close to the fans who never stopped encouraging me.”

This year?
“Mazzarri made other choices and focused on other players, but you respect the decisions of the coaches. I gave everything to get noticed and put the coach in trouble at the time of the choices. Unfortunately, nothing changed and I have not had chance to play. When I was injured I even gave up summer vacation just to recover: I am now a player that is recovered one hundred percent.”

What is it like in Inter’s dressing room?
“Great. I have had good relations with everyone, both the young and experienced players. I want to mention the captain Zanetti and Samuel here, two great champions before but first of all two exceptional people.”

Who do you want to thank after these two years at Inter?
“I already said Moratti and Stramaccioni. I would, however, also like to remember Bedy Moratti, with whom I have often talked, then the fans and all the employees of Inter, fantastic people that make you feel at home every day.”

What is your future?
“I have been in Italy for more than ten years, I feel good in Serie A and I hope to stay there, because I have my family here.”

Are Palermo, Sampdoria and Genoa looking for you?
“If these big clubs will give me an opportunity so be it: what I would like is to come back and play with some continuity. Just so I can prove my worth.”


By Olof Svensson