Moratti: “I look forward to watching Kovacic in the World Cup, I’m happy for Stramaccioni”

June 13, 2014 08:52
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Il Corriere dello Sport reports some of the statements from Inter’s honorary president Massimo Moratti, who, on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to the great Armando Picchi staged at the Palazzo Sormani yesterday, commented on the conclusion of the funding and the passage of bank guarantees on behalf of the former Inter president: “I was prepared, I had to do nothing. I believe it is positive that the club can get you guarantees. It means having a commitment and is more away to allow the company, in the coming years, to have their own autonomy. Manage themselves? Before it was not possible, the banks were pressing and I was personally involved.”

Moratti then goes on to speak of the transfermarket: “I confess that I often think of the name of a player I’d like to take the place of another, but maybe I can give some suggestions (laughs).”

On the World Cup: “I’m curious to see how Kovacic will do (made his debut last night, his Croatia lost 3-1 against the hosts in Brazil, ed.) and then I look forward to the surprise.”

Andrea Stramaccioni, the new Udinese coach: “I’m glad he found a place Udinese. Here at Inter he had gained a certain amount of experience and I’m glad that Stankovic is there: an amazing guy, who has always shown a great enthusiasm.”


By Olof Svensson


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