Palacio: “Very happy that the injury wasn’t serious”

Palacio: “Very happy that the injury wasn’t serious”
June 17, 2014 19:16
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In a press conference, afterwards, El Trenza spoke about his condition and of the World Cup: “Today I felt very well and it was my first real workout with the group. I believe that the distortion has gone back. Compared to the World Cup in 2006 I have more experience, since I arrived in Europe I have learned a lot from the tactical point of view. My report with Sabella? Very good. I gladly accept the decisions of the coach and the changes made against Bosnia were needed to improve. The atmosphere at the Maracana was outstanding. Whenever I’m called into action, I haven’t done in the same way that I do it for Inter. I always try to give more with Argentina. When I suffered the injury I was afraid it was something serious, when the doctor told me it was not serious, I was very happy. My use? I guess I take the place of a striker, one of Aguero, Messi and Higuain to lend a hand to the midfielders. I have to be ready at all times because every moment can be a good one. At a general level the World Cup is beautiful, with lots of close matches, the matches are always in the balance until the end, I was surprised by Spain’s loss. Winning against Iran would make us already qualified, and that could help Sabella to try something new in the third game because we always try to improve, we’ve already taken the pressure off our backs by winning his debut with Bosnia.”


By Olof Svensson