Rolando: Porto lower their demand

Rolando: Porto lower their demand
June 30, 2014 20:21
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There is still no agreement between Inter and Porto for the transfer of Rolando to Inter. But according to there are signs of progress and the two clubs are getting closer to reach an agreement. Inter has offered 3.5 million euros and it is difficult that the offer will be increased while the Portuguese club on the other hand initially asked for 5.5/6 million euros. The latest rumours though are saying that the difference is now down to one million euros with the Porto directors ready to go down to 4.5 million euros. What will the nerazzurri answer be? At the moment, as stated before there is no agreement but it is possible that one will be found in the ocming days. Maybe with both clubs coming closer to the others offer.



By Olof Svensson