Chivu: “Ranocchia is a worthy captain for Inter”

July 29, 2014 21:37
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During a surprise visit in Washington DC the former Nerazzurri defender talked to Inter Channel’s Roberto Scarpini about what he’s up to now and a possible call-up to Francesco Toldo’s Inter Forever team.

Look who’s here watching the guys’ training session! Feeling nostalgic? That’s Chivu!

“I came along to see you all.”

On the other side of the World! The last time I saw you was at the Pinetina, now we’re in Washington.

“It’s a small world!”

How are you?

“Good, thank you, I’m happy to see you again, to get a feel for Inter again.”

What are you doing now? Spending time with the family?

“Yes, spending time with the family. I’ve just got out again. I started walking about a month ago.”

The first thing is getting your foot sorted out, that’s the most important thing. Then you can think about everything else.

“Yes, that’s why I had the last operation, so that I can walk, live my life, play with my kids. That’s what I’m doing.”

We have the Inter Forever project, where Inter’s great players from the past travel around playing matches for charities and solidarity. And they need someone in defence… Or, like all ex-footballers, can I call you ex-footballer?

“Yes, yes.”

Have you decided you want to play centre forward after so many years in defence?

“I spoke to Francesco Toldo the other week and we discussed that. I said ‘Give me a bit of time to see if I can still get a football boot on then we’ll se about playing!’ I’ll go for my trial soon.”

Ok, so Ranocchia is Inter’s new captain. You know the guy. Let’s say you also helped break him in.

“Yes, he’s a great lad, he’s got charisma and personality. He’s a worthy captain for Inter.”

Cristian Chivu, one of us!



By Olof Svensson


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