Milito: “I became a more complete player in Europe”

Milito: “I became a more complete player in Europe”
August 5, 2014 10:39
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In an interview granted to TyC Sports, Diego Milito dwelled on his growth as a player in Europe: “Little by little I’m readjusting to Argentine football. A very hard football as I experienced the other day in the cup. For me, who is 35 years old, it hurts a bit more and costs a lot more to recover. Playing in Europe makes you lose some ‘defects’ of our football. In European football you have to solve a situation in a few thousandths of a second – said il Principe – and you don’t have the same space that you find in South American football. Then learn to play at one touch, physical and don’t delay the play. In my case I also grew as a player in the penalty area and became a more complete player.” On the run to the title with Racing: “It’s always hard to become champion, not only in Racing. We must continue to work calmly and keep ‘arming’ the team.”


By Olof Svensson


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