Kovacic: “The first goal will be dedicated to the fans”

Kovacic: “The first goal will be dedicated to the fans”
August 8, 2014 18:35
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A nice, long and interesting exclusive interview on Inter Channel with the Croatian baby miracle, the idol of the Inter fans. Mateo Kovacic talked about personal goals and those of the team, not to mention the memory of a World Cup for his Croatia that was quite disappointing. Inter’s number 10 begins: “If I’m one of the Nerazzurri people? Yes, it’s very nice (laughs).”

THE SEASON – “We expect a lot from this new year because we are now working to become a great team, although at the moment we are not there yet. The road, however, is the right one. I expect so much from this season.”

THE GROUP – “It’s very important because if you have too many players who think about themselves you can not go anywhere. Only ‘insieme’ (together ed.) you can do well.”

THE WORLD CUP – “We know that in a tournament like this there are so many great teams and so many good players. I had the good fortune to participate with our little country, although we could have done more. Now we hope to be able to do better in the Europeans Championship. In a World Cup there are no simple matches, we had a lot of expectations, but we could not do what we wanted. Now we are focusing on the European Championship.”

THOHIR – “The president often mentions me? I’m happy and I thank him, but I have to prove it on the pitch. We are all together and that’s the only way to do well”

THE GOAL – “I often arrive with 16 meters of the goal, but then I do not seek to conclude personlly. This year I will have to train more and only scoring counts. I have to try to help the team in the best way. I miss the goal, at Dinamo Zagreb had less work to do on coverage, I was free and I did not think about the defense. Here, however, it is the opposite. I run more, but a player with my qualities must score.”

STANKOVIC – “We have not talked yet because he is working too. His shot was amazing, I learned so much from him and I always felt at ease.”

THE OBJECTIVES – “I always say that we have to go step by step. Everyone expects so much, but saying the word ‘scudetto’ is not the right thing to do. We focus on the Europa League and then I want to compliment Piero Ausilio and the club for the great work carried out.”

THE FANS – “I see their passion for us. They always support me because perhaps they admire the way I play, or because I’m a nice guy (laughs). Now I want to do more to reach as high as possible.”

THE COMPETITION – “It ‘s good for me because it will force me to work harder and I have to prove that I’m better than the others. I will never be the best because here there are only great players. I feel good and the competition will create more work from all of us because you will have to prove that you should be a starting player.”

VIDIC – “Very professional and I’m delighted that he has come here. Then we understand each other even at the level of language, but I’m helping him learn Italian.”

THE PROMISE – “The first goal? I will dedicate it to our fans.”

Source: fcinternews.it