Is honorary-president Massimo Moratti planning to leave Inter? Yes, at least according to a report in today’s Gazzetta dello Sport. This due to discomfort in the secondary role and differences of vision with the current president, but also a realization that the ‘Inter style’, so dear to him, has gone lost. Self-criticism might also be a cause for Moratti to resign from his post. Because he was the first to know the company required a new structure, management and to open up to become a brand-name abroad. Inter failed to take advantage of the Treble Effect. In 2010, Inter won everything, but has not been able to ride that wave long enough, not only on the field, but also with levels of popularity, marketing and merchandising. Moratti might also regret not giving the right space to Piero Ausilio during his years. Ausilio remained for long in the shadows of Marco Branca until the arrival of Thohir and then proved especially skilled on the transfer market.

Source: Gazzetta della Sport