Sky Sport – Biabiany ideal for Mazzarri

August 14, 2014 19:04
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In his editorial on, Sky Sport’s transfer market Alessandro Sugoni focused on the transfer market for the big teams and thus focus on Inter: “Inter for example, has already done a lot in this transfer market. Almost everything. Missing a last arrival. Because Mazzarri is expecting something else upfront. Biabiany is the player who would (have) the ideal profile. Flexible, proven, and also (fairly) cheap. If he doesn’t end up first in England, the signing at the end of the transfer market could be him. Unless… Unless some sales arrive (Guarin?) to bring fresh money. The chapter on Juventus transfer market: a sale – in this case Vidal – could also take off during the last 15 days for the black and white club. It would lead Allegri to Manolas, Guarin and maybe Chicharito Hernandez that Van Gaal seems to not to want anymore.”


By Olof Svensson