Zanetti: “Thrilled about the match for peace”

September 2, 2014 21:20
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In an interview with Inter Channel, Nerazzurri vice president Javier Zanetti spoke about his impressions of the match: “I’m really happy about yesterday evening’s event,” he began. “The Pope gave us a feeling of peace to be spread throughout the world, and I think we all managed to pull it off yesterday.”

Then a comment on the Un’Alternativa di Vita project: “I’d like to thank everyone that helped make this event possible. Please continue to support this great initiative along with me. I hope it can be a starting point for a better future for everyone.”

And when asked how he was able to convince so many great players to take part, Zanetti responded: “They all immediately said yes, without hesitation. Those who couldn’t come sent messages and showed their support just the same.”

Then, a comment on the action on the pitch: “Roby Baggio was really in top form. Seeing all these great players and friends again made me very happy.”


By Olof Svensson