“Football has been my life. Thanks to football I became who I am today.” Thoughts and words signed by Ivan ‘Bam Bam’ Zamorano, guest at ‘Semana MiPymes’ in Panama organized by the local television channel Cable Onda. The former Inter striker wanted to defend the “children’s right to dream. If a child dreams of being a footballer, engineer or architect, we can not forbid this dream,” said the Chilean, who also had the opportunity to dwell on in his past career starting from the first rejection at 13 years of age in a tryout with the Colo Colo: “This gave me the impetus to continue working. My opportunity came at age 17 (with Cobresal, ed), when I made my debut in first Division. My dream was to play football as a professional and this ambition has led me to achieve great things.”

From Chile to the extraordinary parentheses Inter. For five years he lived alongside great champions like Ronaldo, ‘El Toro’ Vieri, Roberto Baggio and il ‘Cholo’ Simeone: “I studied their weaknesses and I was committed to become a starter with them. Vieri didn’t return for 30 meters to battle for the ball and help the team, so I started to work on this. Ronaldo didn’t like to pass the ball, so on those occasions when we played in tandem I used this characteristic. With him I  remained a starting player and became top scorer, although I had to give him my 9 and invent 1 + 8, which still continues to be the best-selling jersey Inter.”