Puscas: “I want to be the next Palacio at Inter”

September 10, 2014 15:27
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Ten days ago he became the man of the day when he scored five goals in the Primavera’s season opener against Lanciano. George Puscas, the Romanian striker from Inter’s youth sector, jumped to the headlines for this impressive feat, but his story begins a lot earlier. The young player talked about his dreams in an interview with Gazzetta: “I have been waiting for such a moment since I was a child. The future? I dream of being able to play in the first team of Inter. I’m convinced that the observers also follow my work. I know how to wait with patience… I prepare myself every day for that. My father’s motto is: you must always believe in yourself.  I don’t need to be afraid of anything. That way you can become a champion.”

Inter was his destiny, but before that it was England, for which the young Puscas left to take part in a trial with Arsenal. There he found little space and then started over again, with France as a destination. Lyon immediately liked him, but then Inter arrived, in fact: “Why did I choose Milan? My agent convinced me, Chiodi. He has become a second father to me. I don’t do anything without talking to him. Before the game against Virtus Lanciano he called me saying that I would score 5 goals and would go to the national team calm. A premonition. I give my best, not only in the game, even in training. I always hope that my work can lead to a result.”

His career as a striker started late and has its genesis when he went on trial with Romanian Liberty Salonta, at the age of 11: “I liked to score goals, right from the start, from the very first training. Always.”

Now he dreams big: “The relationship with the teammates is good, as well as with the leaders of the club. I’m doing fine at Inter, I’m glad to have found such people. I hope that I as soon as possible can get one step further and convince everyone, especially coach Mazzarri.”

On his strengths to convince Mazzarri to take him First Team: “I say this with conviction: my main qualities are ambition, pride and determination. With these three attributes you become a champion.”

On Zanetti, his love in football: “I always liked your championship, I always watched the matches of Serie A. And I hope to play soon. Zanetti is one of the symbols that made ​​me watch your football with pleasure, one of the strongest players in the world, of all time.”

On his admiration for il Trenza: “There is also Rodrigo Palacio, a useful attacker, who helps the team a lot. A man who wants everyone well, who in the past has been to training with all of us in the Primavera and greeted us with that smile that gives you the desire to hope. Therefore I would like to be the next Palacio at Inter.”

The importance of Chivu in Romania to have promoted Inter’s brand: “The Nerazzurri is one of the most popular Italian teams in Romania. In this, much of the credit goes to Cristian Chivu, a player highly respected for all he has done here in Italy. For me, the road is a bit easier with someone like Chivu who preceded me in this club.”

On the pressure from the fans in Italy: “It’s everything. Here everyone is talking about football and are well informed. People of all ages live for football. Fans are passionate and very demanding. But it is important not to lose, because otherwise.”

On his leisure time: “I go out with my friends, but no alcohol. I play ping-pong and other games typical of our age.”

Source: fcinternews.it

By Olof Svensson