zanetti stramaccioni

In the week that anticipates Juve-Udinese, Andrea Stramaccioni, who led the Inter team that beat Juventus at Juventus Stadium for the first time in history, gave a long interview to Il Corriere dello Sport. Here are the most interesting parts:

We arrive, almost duly, at that important step in the career of Strama, the 1-3 against Juventus in Turin.

“If I remember? Sure. It was the first defeat of the Juventus of records, the first at the Juventus Stadium. It was a match won with personality, which allowed us to get one point away from them. Then the second round was very unlucky, we counted up to sixteen injuries. Certain numbers in football are quickly forgotten. Yet we did made a record for Inter with ten wins in a row and ten away wins.”

In that game, there was also a controversy with Marotta.

“Given that we have cleared it up and that we had a pleasant trip together, he told me that he did not intend to be offensive. He said a sentence off the record in a delicate evening and found it in bad taste. Afterwards he explained everything to me and we closed the controversy. On Saturday I will greet him as I have done on other occasions. Between Inter and Juve it is always a challenge in tense atmosphere. There’s rivalry, but it’s the beauty of the sport. They are two fans that will never love each other.”

He then makes a hint about his past with Inter and the feelings that he has towards the Nerazzurri.

“I like to speak with facts. The call from Udinese for a coach like me that ended the last part of the experience with Inter badly is the greatest testimony of esteem. Pozzo has focused on me to handle the project of an important club, this is a club that does not make premature or impromptu decisions. Of Inter I keep a positive memory, doing 55 games on the Inter bench is a dream. And I have always had and still have the affection of the fans, even in the very negative second part of the championship, it was fantastic. People have understood the situation of great emergency we experienced. My common thread with Inter ends with the end of Moratti’s era. I understand that when a new owner arrives he wants to make other choices . I won’t say that I was sent away by Thohir, but when Moratti announced the decision after the defeat against Lazio it was a moment of great sorrow. He said that he would not only sell part of the shares, but the majority stake. There, I realized that my experience was over. I was one of his creations, he made ​​me sign a three-year contract, he repeated that he would have continued with me.”

On Sensi and Moratti, two presidents who have given so much to Stramaccioni.

“The Sensi family, I can not do anything but keep in my heart. First Franco and then much more Rosella marked my story at Roma. I remember the first time I spoke with Rosella it was to keep me at all costs because there were advances from Fiorentina and Inter. I became a part of the negotiation for Burdisso, Inter asked to set me free and to have Verre to give a discount on the defender. It was a special situation for Pradè.”