Icardi: “We are hungry! All were great, I score the goals”

September 14, 2014 21:20
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This was the first game that Mauro Icardi scored a hat-trick for Inter. The Argentinian stopped to chat with Mediaset Premium after the game won with 7-0 against Sassuolo; “We are hungry, this is what the mister asked of us from the start of the preseason. We want to have a great season. Me the top player? No, I help the team with my goals. We’re all top players.”

Regarding his understanding on the pitch with Osvaldo; “We played well also because of Mateo who did well to come through offensively, but we still need to work a lot. I dedicated the goals to my family.”

And lastly a message for the fans; “We want to win every game and do our best, and then at the end of the year we’ll see where we are. Right now you can’t really say anything.”

By Olof Svensson