Mazzarri to GdS: “It’s no alibi, but we’re not happy with the referees”

Mazzarri to GdS: “It’s no alibi, but we’re not happy with the referees”
September 23, 2014 13:13
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”In Palermo we did not play as we know how to do and I do not want to hear excuses because the heat. We must always be ready to work. We believe in what we do: I prefer to grow even if it means taking a risk but always showing ferocity, desire and mentality.” These are thoughs expressed by Walter Mazzarri yesterday in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. The coach from Livorno does not accept excuses for the performance in Palermo and spoke clearly: the focus is on the pitch and on the work, the only recipe to achieve the maximum.

INFERNAL HEAT – ”A concept, to dare, which the team likes. But that really explained how they already during the warm up went in to asphyxia because of warmer and more humid weather conditions than general, very different from those found not only in Kiev – with a return at dawn on Friday that did not help – but also in Appiano. It’s curious that among the more tired at the end of the match there were warriors like Nagatomo and Medel, who in Kiev were not there. It is true that it was hot even for opponents, but Palermo practice in this climate  everyday. But Mazzarri also knows that last year, in a match like this, Inter would have lost 3-0 and that in this season’s 6 outings we have always held the ball, apart from some parts of the games.”

ANNOYED CLUB – “No alibi, but the club is not happy with how Valeri and his assistants handled the game. The mood transpires from Appiano Gentile, albeit without public utterances beyond a few sentences in the Interviews at the end of the match. After two games away, in fact, the balance is already negative. In Turin, a non-existent penalty for the home team and a red for Vidic because of a misunderstanding, In Palermo, a goal disallowed unfairly for offside on a passive D’Ambrosio.”