Mazzarri: “I made a mistake, after 1-4 it can only get better”

Mazzarri: “I made a mistake, after 1-4 it can only get better”
September 28, 2014 18:14
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“I probably made a couple of bad evaluations”  were Mazzarri’s first words when interviewed by Sky after the humiliating loss at home against Cagliari.

“The team expressed themselves really well last Wednesday and I played a couple of guys for the third- fourth match in a row, I can see that now. Cagliari playes well from the start and we woke up a bit late and Osvaldo and Palacio still have to become fully fit, starting Icardi on the bench to recover was the only option. I didn’t want to change tactics or so then the goal came to our disadvantage and then we were down to 10 men. An experienced team waits to see how things goes in that moment and not concede four goals before recovering. This was a lesson that taught us all that we have to start stronger and talk less and deliver more.”

Does Vidic still need time to learn how to understand Italian football? “He is one of those who have been playing a lot recently, but this isn’t their fault, It’s my responsibility. Someo of these players aren’t ready to play 3 matches in a week and thats why we get awful results like this. Now it’s time to understand and come back. Ironically we played better in the second half, but it was a bit to late”.

Was the result too excessive? “A coach that loses with 4-1 and then comments certain things… It’s clear that I needed to change something, probably it shouldn’t take four goals, but we leave the match and move on. Nagatomo’s suspension? He made a mistake on their first goal. The first yellow card could have been avoided. I also saw faults by Cagliari without any results. But the important thing is like I said before, there were some mistakes but now we have to turn the page”.

By Christopher Hansson


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