Crisetig’s agent: “Lorenzo found a club with a serious project”

Crisetig’s agent: “Lorenzo found a club with a serious project”
September 29, 2014 19:42
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Yesterday Zeman’s Cagliari imposed its game at the San Siro against Inter. Running the Sardinians was the geometry in the middle of the pitch by Lorenzo Crisetig who has developed a lot in front of his former audience, which might embrace him at the end of the season (Inter let him go with the formula of the loan with the right to buy and the right to make a counter offer). To talk about the beginning of the adventure in Cagliari, which is giving its first results, Our partner got an exclusive interview with Crisetig’s agent Patrick Bastianelli. Here are his words:

What’s your comment on the great performance of Crisetig, who yesterday returned to San Siro as a protagonist? 

“I was at the San Siro yesterday and I saw the game. I saw a nice Cagliari, where you see the work of Zeman. Crisetig is confirming in Serie A what he has been doing in previous seasons, he always plays with great personality, attention and concentration, with a great ability to play both in the short and long with the passes that also led to the Cagliari goal.”

Cagliari was the right choice to develop? 

“I’m very happy, knowing his quality and maturity we are convinced that this year will be an important year for his development. Cagliari is definitely the right choice, regardless of the result and the performance yesterday. Lorenzo has found a club where there is a serious project and a coach that is ideal for young players to grow and to play a proactive and spectacular football.”

How is Zeman helping him? 

“Zeman is a very knowledgeable coach and I’m sure that he will be instrumental in the development of Lorenzo. I believe that for a player it is a great opportunity to be able to work with Zeman. Confidence is crucial for a player in order to grow and find continuity in the performances. We must acknowledge that since the first day the coach has shown his confidence in Lorenzo with facts.”

Have you talked to Ausilio after Crisetig’s big game? Has he received any compliments from any leaders at Inter? 

“I did not talk to Ausilio yesterday, but the director is always attentive to the development of his young important prospects and is closely following the development of Lorenzo as well.”

If he continues to grow in this way he could be ready to return to Inter already at the end of the season… 

“The performance of Crisetig yesterday at the San Siro was seen by everyone. Lorenzo, at this time, is focused solely and exclusively on doing well in order to grow and improve, and to get the results with Cagliari. For the future there is time….”


By Olof Svensson


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