Mazzarri’s former agent: “Walter is a winner, he needs time”

Mazzarri’s former agent: “Walter is a winner, he needs time”
October 7, 2014 19:37
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A difficult time for Walter Mazzarri. The heavy defeats against Cagliari and Fiorentina have increased the contests from the fans and the shadow on the future of the coach. The club, in the words of Ausilio and Thohir, have confirmed the confidence but at the same time expect effects already after the break in the delicate match against his past: Napoli at the Meazza. Defending Mazzarri in this delicate moment is the coach’s former agent Furio Valcareggi, who in an interview made by our partners only had nice words to say: “He is, in my opinion, one of the best coaches in Europe, knowing him forever I can say that he is great. Nobody prepares the games like him, nobody evaluates the opponent as well as him, nobody is a winner like him. His career is comparable to a striker who scores 20 goals a year. He began in Bologna, and contributed to the growth of Niccolò Galli, who died tragically; then at Acireale I sugggested him to Lo Monaco and he did very well. Then in Pistoia, Livorno, Reggina, starting from -11 and avoided relegation. At Sampdoria he reached the final of the Italian Cup, then in Napoli he achieved great results. Right now he suffers from this embarrassment, his suggestions to the team does not reach home. He is a winner, even if he does not get off of the sympathy of the people on the streets, he wants confidence, there are those that are as good as him, it is rare to find those that are better. Inter are in the right hands to be re-established, he is ideal for a growing project that eventually will give the Scudetto, considering that teams like Juventus and Inter historically must aim at winning the title.”

But it is possible with an ending where he resigns? “It is not in his DNA, he is not a loser, he never was in his life. He has a clear conscience for what he is giving, the resignation is an option for anyone who is guilty or who is not a winner. It takes patience, I saw the team in Florence and it was embarrassing, though Fiorentina won with two gorgeous goals. the course began a year ago, Juve and Roma today are stronger. With Mazzarri Inter can become like them but they need to work.”

The fans, however, are questioning him: “He does not have the gift of sympathy, even if he is clear and never dull at the press conferences. After the matches he tends to look for some justification, although there may be some. Sometimes there is no motivation for sympathy and antipathy, but at Inter it is easy to be unsympathetic. Then the Inter public is stern. It is logical that there can not be a plebiscite, maybe it would be divided in two halves. There are those that never are never happy but also the right-minded that can not avoid appreciating the moral and technical value of Walter Mazzarri.”


By Olof Svensson