It will be a fundamental game, even for him. Walter Mazzarri will face his former team which happens in the most important part of his Nerazzurri carrier, after two straight losses against Cagliari and Fiorentina. And they have to show that they are to count with to candidate for the third-spot in the championship. To analyze the challenge against Rafa Benitez’ Napoli, the Tuscanian coach will respond some questions from the journalists which are present which also include one of our own (Nima Tavallaey Roodsari) from at Appiano Gentile.

How was the past days during the international break?

“Very good, we have discussed and worked on the mistakes that have been made. I see that the boys are eager to redeem themselves already tomorrow”.

What things do you expect regarding the game against Napoli?

“Hard thing to say, We prepare every details of a game, I’m hopping that they all can do it in reality in reality as well. Hopefully we can ensure intensity from our part of the play.”

Medel and Kovacic: How are they feeling? can they start from minute one?

“We will evaluate both of them today. Who knows what happens. We have to do the check-ups before we are taking a big decision as this”.

How do you the think game will be played?

“Napoli is a strong team, and plays beautiful and charming. so even I,  I’m curious”.

How happy are you of the reassuring words from Thohir and the club?

“Very, even if it doesn’t change my opinion of this team. We want to be competitive also in the Champions Leageu. We want to return right away. Tomorrow there may be Bonazzoli, there have been many youngsters but promising ones. I don’t know when they will be used, but but maybe he will give us satisfaction”.

Would you like to make an appeal to all the Inter fans?

“I agree with Thohir and the players. I can’t do other things than I already have done like I said”.

Can it become a sort of play-off for the third place, tomorrow?

“I want to se my players to show on the pitch what we’ve been working on during the week. I think it’s to early to say how much this game will mean to reach the Champions League, there is a lot left to play on the season. Our mission is to qualify to Champions League and that’s that. you tend to end a scoreline of the season already now and it’s to early the championship haven’t been balanced yet”.

In what way will we see another Inter in tomorrow evenings game?

“We have to work and we all know that. We have touched the right buttons and tomorrow I wants to verify that my boys want to redeem themselves. My way of football is knowledgeable by everyone they are good players and I would like to see that. Aggressive with rhythm, I’m hopping to see that already tomorrow or as soon as possible. I want results”.

How important is it to not hear any whistling?

“The whistling is never good, the fans have to support us in all 90′ minutes. otherwise it creates pressure and problems, and the players will suffer.”

How important was the international break for Palacio?

“Very important. I believe that on a physical level and by the psychological aspects, it has been very good. slowly he will return to us as before”.

Will there be a more solid defense after two losses?

“Last year was very different, many things were different from today. But more or less I say the same thing while during training sessions. We have to recover the ball quickly and start over. That never changes. I want to bring attention and fundamental components and that doesn’t change after the last defeat, to return competitive we have to think like that. Tomorrow we will try to express ourselves better”.

Has the pre-season preparations been wrong according to you?

“To say wrong is incorrect. We coaches are responsible of the technical and tactical part. my trainer doesn’t miss a thing in thirteen years, after the World Cup, it wasn’t easy, when the players have return we can work with them for fifteen days at the most, and that doesn’t depend on anyone. We can’t train a player that recovering from a injury that develops during World Cup, as happened with Medel. Ausilio repeated the same concept as me after the Viola game. I went to the pressing room and used the same words as him.”

Handanovic have said that Kovacic must improve his level of working for the squad. do you agree?

“He must manage that himself, we are all helping out so he can grow both with the technical aspect and as human ,Samir is doing the same thing, I agree and Matteo knows that”.

Fassone says that “He is safe”, what do you think about that?

“I train them, I don’t say anythings else”.

What do you think when San Siro is shouting your name?

“Sometimes you don’t understand those who whistle. The fans wants results, I make my choices. Nothing is totally clear in that kind of situation”.

Do you expect more from the more experienced players?

“Everyone can give something more to his teammates. The important thing is that they give advice to the younger players, I gave worked with this as well. The details is crucial”.

Our own Nima Tavallaey Roodsari from asked an interesting question that I think many fans want to hear the answer to Disregarding the result what do you want the team to show tomorrow?

“I would like to see a great spirit of attention, among the rest of the usual things as: concentration and the concepts of the game plan  that the boys knows well”.

Are you worried about the seven conceeded goals in the last two matches?

“The statistics are based on large numbers. I analyze the development of the situatipns and against Cagliari and Fiorentina have conceded several goals. In Florence, we have conceeded two goals from outside the box, while the third was really dreadful. I am very upset about this. We have to pay more attention. As regards the numbers, we are not doing well. We have analyzed all of this together, when you play against big teams in the big matches, there is also tactics. Against Cagliari is something strange happened, I have already said that many times”

Can we expected to see a new system tomorrow? “I hope to see progress, tomorrow I’m interested in the result. The beautiful game comes after if we get the result.”

What are the strengths of Napoli?

“They are strong, organized, with a great coach. I do not really like to talk about the opponents, we have to give our best.”

In AC Milan, they show more unity between coaches and players when they score. Do you feel the need to do the same?

“I am very ‘stiff’, if ask my players. It’s my character, I do not like to talk about myself, you have to talk with the players, they know everything about me.”