After having helped his team come back to manage a 2-2 draw against Napoli at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milano’s San Siro district, Brazilian full-back Dodó spoke to about his own performance as well as what Mazzarri told the team after the match.

Dodó, what did Mazzarri tell the squad after the match?

“To be honest he didn’t say too much, I’m sure we will talk about the match tomorrow in a more calm environment. After the matches you usually don’t say too much, tomorrow he will talk with us when things have cooled down.”

What did you think about your own performance?

“I think I played well. I tried to get the ball in the box for our strikers, then I always stay high up on the pitch in order for the team to get higher up, and in the end I was able to make an assist, so therefore I’m happy.”

Watch the interview in Italian:

Filmed/edited by: Thomas Salme