Ahead of tomorrow nights fixture against Sampdoria at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milano’s San Siro district, Inter coach Walter Mazzarri won’t be holding a press conference. In his place Brazilian international Hernanes took the podium. SempreInter.com gives you the entire press conference in English below.

What is it like to play for Inter during the years that the Expo is held in Milano?

“It’s a very beautiful moment in my career, to be here during great events. I played in the World Cup when it was held an home soil in Brazil. Inter is a big club, to live in Milano and to be an ambassador for Expo makes me very proud.”

Will Inter be looking for continuity tomorrow to continue turning things around?

“The feeling is positive, we played well against Napoli. Then it looked over but we drew in the end. It was close that we won thanks do the header by Mbaye. We sent out an important signal, then we won in Cesena. We hadn’t won in 3 matches, we showed that we’re bak on the right path. We’re motivated, confident and happy for the next matches. And also for how we will end the season.”

Do you think that the team is unable to control the matches?

“We can definitely improve in this aspect, when to do something or not. In the end it looked as though the match didn’t go so well, but we created this situation. When we were playing 11 against 11 we had control of the ball, looking to score. After the goal and the numerical advantage, we created a lot. But this wasn’t what was important, instead we stopped thinking about running but thought about winning. We needed the 3 points. In the next 3 matches we will try to grow even more.”

Is the criticism that Mazzarri has had to endure become a motivation to do well?

“It seems that in the media there aren’t that many Interisti, you are always talking about a crisis. I see very few Interisti around who can help us to raise our morale. Thohir has demonstrated that he is a great person, he doesn’t allow the voices from newspapers and the TV to put him under any kind of pressure. He says that this is his house and he does what he wants. He has shown that he has faith in the coach and in the team. This makes me happy, he doesn’t care what others say.”

Have you refound your form?

“When you have continuity in the work during the weeks then slowly slowly you rediscover your form. I want to thank God that I’m in a good condition that allows me to do the things I want to do.”

Do you think that the team is playing below its capabilities despite the good players in the team?

“Football may seem simple, but it isn’t. When you can’t find the right measures and the serenity to express yourself as an individual or as a team, things are difficult. The pontential is there, but the squad was rebuilt 3 months ago, it takes a bit of time. Having said that I’ve heard you often speak about how we play, maybe you’re comparing us to Bayern or Barcelona who have played together for years. If you ask me, we’ve played well, obviously not the week when we lost 2 matches during somewhat chaotic circumstances. Little by little we will grow, we will demonstrate to be able to continue on the path that we were against Napoli.”

When you played for Lazio there were some difficult moments in the relationship between the team and the fans, do you have anything you wish to tell the Inter fans during this difficult period?

“I can say that they have to be patient a little bit longer, There have been times when the club has been going through changes, you can’t make these changes instantly like magic. We need patience and we can’t regret the past which should be our source of glory. We can also have a glorious future. Let’s for a moment forget the past and try to be patient and support the team. We need a bit of confidence and maybe some support from the fans. This is the message. We will do everything to bring Inter to the top of the league and to the top in Europe.”

Do you agree that in midfield you transport the ball too much and don’t attack the open spaces as much?

“Every team has it’s way of playing as does every player. What needs to be exploited is that particular characteristic that each of us has. Transporting the ball or playing it before isn’t what makes the difference, the difference is made when you know when to transport the ball and when to play it. The problem lies in the solution, in goals. We have our way of playing, we’re not copying Fiorentina or anyone else. We are looking to make the most of our traits, mine and Mateo’s.”

Do you feel a responsibility to leave the current crisis?

“I think that the most difficult moment has already passed. Against Napoli we had to do something and we gave an important signal. Then we won against Cesena and now we will win again. The way I see it, we have an opportunity to show that we are in control of the situation. That moment, when we weren’t balanced has gone. We won in Cesena, now we have to continue to grow.”

What do you think of Sampdoria and Mihajlovic?

“They’ve been doing well sicne last year and they’ve started off this season really well. They will be difficult to play against but I know that against us, all teams give the performance of their lives. We’ve understood that we always have to do it, we will give everything. We’re at home and we want to go away with a result.”

Do you think that against Sampdoria you have another chance to shorten the gap between yourselves and the Champions League places? Also, is it possible to make a comparison between yourself and another set piece specialist like Mihajlovic?

“The comparison with him is impossible, Iäm still very far away from reaching his level in terms of goals. It’s certainly a direct match-up and we have to take advantage of it in the best way possible in order to take a step towards achieving our goals.”