Mazzarri to MP: “There were no alternatives, it’s a time of emergency”

Mazzarri to MP: “There were no alternatives, it’s a time of emergency”
November 1, 2014 23:59
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After the defeat at Stadio Ennio Tardini, Walter Mazzarri gave his analysis of the match against Parma to the microphones of Mediaset Premium: “After having done well in two games, we were in need of continuity. We entered the game confident, we passed the ball well, but we underestimated the danger. After the goal they were inspired, they shut down and we suffered. Then we reacted by changing formation, but then we couldn’t score and they made it 2-0. We have to start over, we were expecting a breakthrough but we got stuck, we are evolving, it’s a time of emergency, in 4-5 games the same are playing. This should not be an excuse, from tomorrow we start over again.”

On why this breakthrough is still missing: “Look at the bench, there were no alternatives… We came from four games in a few days, I also used the youngsters and in the end I forced Hernanes to enter, I don’t know if he was injured badly again. We are reduced to a minimum, but we have to think about other parameters. Tomorrow I will talk with the boys. It’s still a very balanced league, other teams lose points against inferior opponents, and this gives us the strength to be able to think of staying close to the top, we have to grow and move on, today we didn’t do that.”

On why we can’t see an Inter with the mark of Mazzarri: “In my opinion, against Sampdoria we played a slightly different football, when you have players with different characteristics you try to play differently. It was the tenth game, there are always ups and downs, and in many games we had more possession, even tonight we conceded a goal on a counter attack. We have to find balance, then based on the players you have, you play how you know to do best. The team was tired? I think it was unwitting, we found the words to keep them focused. The victory against Sampdoria perhaps gave too much security and we may have underestimated the effort. We knew that Parma would play well, we started off pretty well but with too much security, and on the first opportunity we had to concede a goal.”

Is there anything that Mazzarri want to say to the fans? “I do not have to make appeals, I have to be careful that these guys do not have decline from game to game, the rest is not up to me.”


By Olof Svensson


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