In memory of Angelo Moratti on the 105th anniversary of his birthday

November 5, 2014 18:28
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angelo moratti It’s now 105 years since the birth of Angelo Moratti, a man considered by all Inter fans as ‘The President.’ A lot has changed since 12 August 1981, technological advancements have broken down borders, we live in a fast-paced world in which people are all too often forgotten. Yet Angelo Moratti is anything but forgotten. He won a lot, he won everything. He was able to take the club to a plain they perhaps never dreamed they could reach, because he had the courage to go on an adventure. When you listen to those who knew and loved him, they paint the portrait of an unforgettable man, not only for the cups and honours which filled Inter’s trophy room, nor for his character which marked an important era of the Italian economy. He was, and is, unforgettable because few men are able to approach life by staying true to their sense of adventure. “A genius, someone who could do everything,” Massimo Moratti said one evening two years ago, “in times when ideas could become reality. I was ten years old and at boarding school when my sister wrote to me to tell me dad had become president of Inter. At the time (in 1955) everyone wrote letters, there were no telephones. We all just saw it as another of his great adventures. We thought dad could do anything and that he succeeded in everything he did.” And that’s just how it was. Source:

By Olof Svensson


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