Mazzarri to Inter Channel: “The youngsters did well”

Mazzarri to Inter Channel: “The youngsters did well”
November 6, 2014 22:53
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Walter Mazzarri talked to Inter Channel after the game against Saint Etienne:

“The team played some great football in the first half and they played exactly how I want them to. Coming to a stadium like this, with young kids or players who don’t play a lot and not giving Saint Etienne anything is something to be proud of. We couldn’t keep the same rythm for the whole game and their goal boosted them a lot. We made a few errors and we gave the 1-1 goal away. We could’ve won, but Saint Etienne made everything they could and also had some tackles that were on the verge of what’s acceptable. At the end we did what we could with primavera players on the field who did very well. We could’ve done better on some counter attacks. Mbaye? He has grown a lot, just watch the last game against Saint Etienne. He is more secure and knows better what to do now. Many youngsters on the field and also many things to be proud of today. If any injured players are coming back to Sunday? Lets not talk about that anymore, the news are not good. I wanted to play with Nagatomo but all kinds of things happened yesterday so lets not talk.”


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