Thohir: “A point against Verona is not enough, we need points”

Thohir: “A point against Verona is not enough, we need points”
November 8, 2014 14:35
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Erick Thohir sends messages to the fans of Inter and Walter Mazzarri. Today La Gazzetta dello Sport reported some statements made in Nyon by the Inter president, pressed by three fans who from Saint-Etienne also decided to follow follow him to the UEFA headquarters: “Do I have a message for the fans to stop booing the team and the coach at San Siro? No, no, I am not the one who has to send a message to anyone,” Thohir told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “It is the team on the pitch that must send a good message to the fans and I hope they will.”

The President was asked whether the 1-1 draw with Saint-Etienne in the Europa League gave the response from Mazzarri and the team that he was looking for: “We wanted the three points that would give us the certainty of qualification and the first place, but it was a good game. In the first half we played well and in the second the boys were tired, missing players, 7 injured, therefore we need a point in the next to reach the knockout, a goal that we want and which is important. Now we will focus on Verona. We must concentrate only on that game and we have to get points. I am convinced that the team will do well on Sunday, but the fact remains: I expect to get points over the next three games. I know the difference between one and three points means a victory, but I’d really like the next matches to bring points. I say that because the real challenges will be against Milan and Roma, which can give us an important push up the table.”

Thohir finally took time to praise 17-year-old striker Federico Bonazzoli, who made his full debut against Saint-Etienne on Thursday.
“In a difficult game like Saint-Etienne, we saw something important and I am referring to Bonazzoli. He played really well and he sends a message to our Academy: if you work hard and want to go far, you have a chance at Inter. We want to invest in Bonazzoli and help him grow, because we believe in him.”


By Olof Svensson


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